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We’re knives freaks and we proud of it.

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Hello all,

This site was built with the love of throwing knives!!
My name is James Cruz, I’m a knife enthusiast. I live in Fort Worth Texas with my life partner Edi, for 20 years now.

I started my journey with knives twenty years ago. At my cousin’s barbecue party, I met Edi for the first time. Edi was a knife freak and he brought knives set and a target board, on first, I was very suspicious about this sport, but we ended up playing for 7 hours straight. On this day I knew this is a love story and we throw knives every single day since then. We love all the challenges along with this sport./

I started this blog because lots of people ask me and Edi about knives and techniques, so we decided to share our knowledge and story with the public, especially you, an enthusiastic knife thrower. We hope to help as many people as we can, to become a better knife thrower.

This blog is for all levels of knife throwers, from beginners to intermediate through those who feel professional. Feel free to contact us, to share your story or any thought, and of course if you have any questions regarding knife throwing.

We hope to share as much experience as we can. We keep pumping knowledge even today [Sep 2022].

Knives and travel are our fun. I was born and raised in Huston, Texas. A few years ago we moved to Forth worth. We love the outdoors and travel, fishing, hiking, and camping. We take great meat with us, a tent, and of course a, target board with some great sharpen knives, load our trailer, and out for trips. Don’t worry, we will try to create reviews for this entire lifestyle as well.

Blogging is pretty new for me and Edi, we doing this since February 2021, so please contact us, your reviews will be much appreciated, your opinion is matter to us, and we want to improve with you and for you all. One of the major purposes of this blog is the chance to connect with knife throwers around the world and share our passion for knives and travel.

Hope you will find this blog helpful, again, feel free to contact me and Edi with questions, thoughts, and comments. We will be posting new content daily; don’t forget to check back often!

Your dedicated bloggers and knives freaks,

James & Edi