Everything To Know On Cold Steel Throwing Axes (Updated 2023)

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Everything To Know On Cold Steel Throwing Axes (Updated 2023)

Cold Steel Throwing Axes are the perfect tool for a hunter or anyone who needs to kill a large game in a single blow.

Cold Steel Throwing Axes have been around since the late 1800s, and they remain one of the most popular tools in the world. They are also known as Tomahawks, Hatchets, and Stilettos. The design of a Throwing Axe is to allow the user to throw the axe at an enemy or object. This is achieved using its heavy weight and balance, which allows it to be thrown with minimal effort. The blade is typically two-sided, with one side being slightly curved for throwing, and the other side straight for cutting.

The first Cold Steel Throwing Axe was made by a man named Joseph A. Griswold in 1849. The axe is named “Griswold” after its creator, and it was given to him by his father-in-law as his wedding gift. . The Griswold is the company’s original axe, and it is still in production to this day.

What Is The Best Axe For Axe Throwing?

Choosing the best axe for throwing is a difficult task. There are many factors to consider. For example, it would be important to consider the size of the axe, weight, and length of the handle.

Throwing axes have been used for hunting and also as a weapon of self-defense. Choosing the right throwing axe can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the sport. When choosing a throwing axe, you should focus on one of the following 3 different types:

Carved Axes

Carved axes are the most common type of throwing axe. They typically feature a handle made from straight wood and a heavy head carved out of one piece of metal. The metal head is typically made from steel, but can be of other types of metal like bronze.

The handle is usually made from a solid piece of wood, although it may sometimes be a composite material with a metal core. The head is held in place by the handle during throwing and often has a metal reinforcement around the edge for durability. Carved axes were originally intended for combat and are generally large enough to be wielded with one hand.

Splitting Axes

Splitting axes are designed for splitting wood, and often feature a curved wooden handle. They are mid-weight axe capable of splitting wood with minimal effort. Splitting axes are crafted with a curved iron or steel blade, and this design allows for maximum cutting power as the blade is pushed through the wood.

This design also creates a smooth passage, so splitting axes are capable of relatively clean cuts. The cutting edge is typically thin and minimizes friction during use. It should be noted that splitting axes do not feature a hammerhead and are not designed for use as a hammer.

Straight Axes

Straight axes are lighter than the above two types, but still very effective in chopping wood. In addition to being lighter, they also have a shorter handle and a wider blade that makes them easier to use than other types of axes. Throwing with a straight-axis implement is super accurate.

Why Do You Need A Throwing Axe?

Throwing axes are designed for close-range combat, especially when used against unarmored targets like the head or back. They can also be used outdoors as a tool for chopping wood or clearing brush, although they are primarily intended for combat.

Throwing axes are usually made of steel, but lighter materials such as aluminum or titanium can be used. They typically have a long shaft with a round head that is weighted towards the blade, so it does not spin when thrown at its target. The shaft can be gripped and used for leverage to strike an opponent. The axe head is either flat or slightly curved.

Are Cold Steel Tomahawks Good?

Cold Steel Tomahawks are not just for hunting. They are a popular weapon of choice for self-defense and tactical purposes. They are durable, reliable, and can easily be carried in your pocket or bag.

Cold Steel Tomahawks Pros

  1. Durable: Cold Steel is one of the most durable brands in the market. Its products have been tested by military personnel and law enforcement agencies to ensure that they will be able to withstand any type of challenge with ease.

  2. Affordable: In comparison to other brands, Cold Steel is affordable because it doesn’t have costly advertising campaigns or celebrity endorsements that drive up its price tag.

  3. Shape: With its tough construction, this tomahawk can handle any type of challenge without breaking down easily. It’s also easy to clean, and maintain, and its lightweight design makes it so that it can be carried easily.

  4. Size: Weight around 12 ounces, and its length is around 30 inches, which makes it very comfortable to grip.

  5. Materials: Sanded and laminated stainless steel, and leather handle, which make it a very high-quality item, that will be worth the amount of money you are going to invest in one.

If you would like to read a review of the top 10 cold steel axes in the market, click here to read this review article »

Does Axe Throwing Build Muscle?

Throwing axes is a sport that requires a lot of upper body strength and endurance. It builds muscles in the chest, back, arms, and legs.

Athletes that compete in this sport have a strong sense of balance and coordination, which is required to complete the throwing motion. They also have a good understanding of rotation and momentum, which is necessary to increase the speed at which they throw. This is why people who are into the sport often have to work out regularly to keep up with their training. The athletes that compete in this sport typically train for up to four hours per day, six days per week.

What Is The Best Wood For Throwing Axes?

Wooden handles are a popular choice for throwing axes because they generally make the axe feel lighter, and they also help to absorb vibrations from every strike.

The handle is an important component of an axe because it should be well-balanced so that it can hit its target accurately. For example, a very dense piece of wood might not be the best choice for a throwing axe handle because it would not give the user enough control over their throw.

There are many different types of wood that make the best handles for throwing axes. Some of the most common choices are hickory, oak, ash, and maple

Hickory Wood Handle

This is one of the best choices because it has a coarse grain pattern that provides good grip and shock absorption. Hickory handles are also durable and less expensive than other types of handles.

Oak Wood Handle

The Oak wood handle is denser and harder than the typical hardwood handle. This means that it’s stronger and more durable, but also heavier. Usually, oak handles are made In the US, This is one of the reasons lots of American knife throwers enthusiastically love this handle.

Maple Wood Handle

Throwing axe Maple Wood Handle has been on the market for over a decade. It is made of 100% maple wood and has been designed to make throwing axes more accurate and easier to use.

Throwing axe Maple Wood Handle is an effective product that can be used by people who want to throw axes with accuracy and ease. It has been designed to be lightweight and durable, making it suitable for people of all ages.

The Throwing Axe Maple Wood Handle is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to throw an axe in just minutes!

Cold Steel Throwing Axe Sheath

A sheath is a cover that is usually made up of leather and other soft materials. It is used to protect a sharp object such as a knife or sword.

A sheath can be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, and more. The material used to make the sheath depends on the type of blade it will be protecting, and the intended use of the sheath.

A scabbard is a cover (usually made of leather) that protects the blade of a sword, rapier, or saber.

Cold Steel Throwing Axe Replacement Handle

Cold Steel Throwing Axe Replacement Handle

Cold Steel Throwing Axe Replacement Handle is a product that can help you replace the handle of your throwing axe. It features a high-quality, durable, and lightweight polymer handle with an ergonomic design. The design makes it easy to grip and allows for better control while in use.

If you need a Tomahawk replacement handle, try one of the following three:

Set of 3 Extra 19″ Hickory Handles for Tomahawks & Axes

The Hickory Handles for Tomahawks & Axes are hand-forged French-style axe. They are extra long and therefore provide more leverage to those who need it. The handles are made of Hickory which is a hardwood that is known for its toughness and durability.

The Extra 19″ Hickory Handles for Tomahawks & Axes are an excellent addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s hunting, camping, or woodworking toolbox.

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Small Throwing Tomahawk Handle – Hickory Wood Axe Hatchet

The Small Throwing Tomahawk Handle is a mini-size axe that comes with a sheath and is made of Hickory wood. It has 16 inches in length and has a diameter of about 1 inch at the top and .75 inches at the bottom.

This axe is perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activities where you need to carry an axe. The Small Throwing Tomahawk Handle comes with a sheath so you can carry it around without damaging anything.

The Small Throwing Tomahawk Handle is made of Hickory wood so it will last for years without breaking or splitting. It also has a sturdy handle that will make it easy for you to throw this small throwing tomahawk handle as far as possible.

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Walnut Stained 19″ Hickory Throwing Tomahawk Axe Handle

This is a quality axe handle made with a durable and long-lasting axe head. It has a walnut-stained finish that provides an attractive look that is also easy to maintain.

The Walnut Stained 19″ Hickory Throwing Tomahawk Axe Handle is a great tool for the outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and camping. It has an appealing design, which makes it perfect for the modern hunter. The handle is also coated with wax, which ensures that it can be gripped securely and slightly sticky to provide a secure grip on the handle.

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Cold Steel Viking Axe

Cold Steel Viking Axe is a top-quality, heavy-duty axe made in the USA. It is an ideal tool for those who want to chop wood, split logs, or even use it as a weapon.

This Cold Steel Viking Axe is a versatile tool that can be used for multiple purposes. It has an ergonomic handle and weight distribution that makes it easy to use with one hand. The sharp edge of this axe can cut through anything from trees to bones and its durable construction will last for years of hard work and play.

The Cold Steel Viking Axe comes with a lifetime warranty on the blade and handle so you can rest assured that your investment will not be lost if something does happen.

Cold Steel Drop Forged Tomahawk Survival

Drop Forged Tomahawks are a type of tomahawk that is made from a single piece of steel. The Drop Forged Tomahawk has the advantage of being extremely durable and hard to break.

The Drop Forged Tomahawk is designed for survival and hunting purposes. It has been in use for centuries and it is still considered to be the best option for most outdoor activities, like hunting, fishing, camping, or even as a weapon in battle.

The Drop Forged Tomahawk has many benefits over other types of tomahawks that are available on the market today. It is also more affordable than its competitors with an average price range from $20-80 USD depending on the size and quality you want.

If you are willing to get your new cold steel drop forged tomahawk survival throwing axe, visit this review of the best 10 ones available in the market (updated for 2023), click here »


Hatchets are a type of axe that typically have a broad, heavy blade. A hatchet is also known as an adze or chopper.

A hatchet is typically used for chopping wood, splitting logs, and clearing brush. They can also be used for cutting roots and branches from trees or shrubs and for making kindling wood. In the construction industry, they are often used to chop through thick steel pipes.

Many people use a hatchet as their primary tool when camping or backpacking because it can perform many different tasks without needing any other tools with it. It can also be used in emergencies to make firewood for cooking and heating water.

If you are interested to get a new powerful hatchet, make sure to read this review before purchasing one »

Quick Summary

Cold Steel Throwing Axes are made of high-quality steel and come in different colors.

The Cold Steel Throwing Axes come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them or getting them stolen. Cold Steel Throwing Axes are powerful for any outdoor task and are perfect for axe-throwing sports as well.

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My love to knives started twenty years ago with my life partner Edi, Since then we developed a lifestyle that includes knives throwing, traveling and outdoors. Join us to our adventure and rest assure to become a knife thrower professional and outdoors lover !!

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